Expats’ startup Matutto raises $120k from Techstars London to help people moving abroad

25 Nov, 2022


Matutto has joined the latest cohort of Techstarts London, one of the most prestigious startup accelerators in the world; taking on $120k of pre-seed funding to build a platform that helps expats manage their move to a new country.


The startup is tackling the fragmented and stressful journey of moving abroad. Millions of expats around the world agree that moving to a new country is very difficult. Whilst there are fancy relocation agencies that can take care of the hurdles of moving to a brand new city, they charge thousands - and only a handful of expats are able to afford these services. 

That’s why Matutto is developing a platform that lets expats manage their own journey in a streamlined way, where people moving abroad can find reliable, affordable and relatable resources and learn from other expats experiences - while making friends in their new city!

With the backing of Techstars, Matutto are making the most of the accelerator, validating, iterating and launching their new solution, now ready to be used. And because the needs of expats are very different depending on where they move to, the startup will launch the platform one city at a time at the beginning - starting with London, one of the most popular destinations for expats.

About was built out of lived frustrations the founders experienced when moving abroad, who collectively have moved abroad 6 times.

“Moving abroad is meant to be enjoyable and exciting, but with all the admin and research involved it can become an absolute nightmare. Expats around the world deserve for the process to be smooth and simple, without having to spend thousands in relocation.” Nas, Founder & CEO