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Because the UAE is a majority-expat country, private international schools cater to expat student needs. There’s schools with different curriculums to choose from, like UK curriculum, American Curriculum or International Baccalaureate Curriculum, which are the most popular choices. You can even find Indian, Lebanese, Chinese and other international curriculums. The city offers a large range of well-known schools to choose from!

The best way to get started with finding the right school for your kids, is by deciding the curriculum you want them to study. Once you know that, you can look up what are the schools that offer that curriculum near where you will be living, or arrange housing near the school of your choice.

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How to apply to Schools in Dubai

Since schools for Expats in Dubai are private, each school will have their own process and requirements to apply for a school place. It’s important to know that the most popular schools run out of places fast, so you should try making an application as early as possible when you know you are moving to Dubai.

If you are moving during the middle of the school year, there may be limited spaces in the schools, but normally they are able to adapt to this situation. Make sure to ask about curriculum and fees if you are planning to enroll your kids when the school year has already started.

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