Meet the Founding Team

Both of us became Expats when we left our home countries at the age of 18 to go to University.

Ever since, we’ve lived lived in multiple cities around the world ✈️ 🌎 Dubai, London, Bangkok, Madrid… to name a few.

We know better than anyone the benefits of moving abroad, but we also know how difficult it can be. That’s why we created Matutto.

Profile photos of Alba and Nas, the Founding team of Matutto.

On a mission to make Global Mobility accessible

Drawing of the world, symbolising the Matutto’s mission of making Global Mobility accessible.

Moving abroad is a life-changing experience.

But what’s meant to be a thrilling and exciting task can easily be clouded by the stress of admin and uncertainty that comes with moving to a new country.

Traditional relocation agencies cater to the small % of Expats who can or want to pay $2K-$15K in relocation fees. We’re here to help everyone else!

Join us in making relocation support accessible once and for all.

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Techstars Class of 2022

In September 2022 we joined the London Techstars Accelerator.

During 3 months, we worked with the team to refine our solution, and get the basics right in order to build a best-in-class startup.

We are thrilled to be part of the Techstars community!

Two photos of Alba and Nas during the Techstars program. Nas is presenting Matutto on Demo Day, and Nas and Alba are smiling wearing Techstars T-Shirts.