Most Asked Questions About Moving to Dubai

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After helping hundreds of Expats move to Dubai, we’ve collated the most frequently asked questions about relocating to this city in the UAE. Let’s get into it.

What are the visa and residency requirements for moving to Dubai?

Most people require a Visa to move permanently to Dubai. The most common Visa is the Standard Work Visa, for which you require a company to Sponsor you. The UAE has also recently released other Visas, like the Green Visa and the Golden Visa for freelancers, self-employed and talented individuals.

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How much does it cost to live in Dubai?

Your cost of living in Dubai can vary widely depending on your lifestyle, housing choice, and personal preferences. On average, a 1-bedroom apartment can cost from AED 5,500 to AED 12,000. Monthly groceries can cost you between AED 600 to AED 1,000 per person, and a monthly pass for buses and metro costs around AED 300, but driving a car will increase your transport costs significantly.

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Is healthcare easily accessible in Dubai and what are the costs for expatriates?

In Dubai, companies are required to provide private health insurance for all their expat employees, which they will pay for. On top of that, there may be additional costs you need to cover for certain Healthcare services, known as co-pay. The cost of this can vary widely based on coverage and individual needs, but as an example, a co-pay visit to the doctor could cost you AED 100-200.

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How do I adapt to the cultural differences in Dubai?

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, with people from all around the world, so it’s usually easy for Expats to adapt. Move with an open mind and be respectful of everyone. You should also learn and respect the local customs and traditions in the UAE upon your arrival.

What's the weather like in Dubai and how do I cope with the heat?

Dubai generally experiences hot and arid weather throughout the year. Summers are extremely hot, with temperatures often exceeding 40°C (104°F), while winters are milder with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F). However, Dubai is prepared to combat the heat, with all indoor places having aircon.

Make sure to pack thin and airy clothes suitable for hot temperatures, and remember to stay hydrated when going outdoors. In the summer, avoid walking outside during hot hours.

How do I set up my banking and financial matters in Dubai?

Opening a Bank Account in the UAE is relatively straight-forward. Once you have finalised your Visa and received your Emirates ID, you should be able to open an account with your preferred bank. They will inform you about your different options for getting a Credit Card, Savings Account, and even International Transfers.

What are the best housing options in Dubai, and how do I find accommodation?

In Dubai, there’s different types of properties available for renting, including Serviced Aparments, Villas, and studios. Prices vary greatly depending on the area where you choose to live. What the best option isfor you will depend on your preferences, salary and lifestyle. Once you’ve arrived in Dubai, reach out to reliable real estate agents who can show you available properties to rent.

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How do I choose the right school for my children in Dubai?

Because the UAE is a majority-expat country, private international schools cater to expat student needs. To find the best school for your children, start by looking for schools that offer the curriculum you want and that are close from where you will live. It’s recommended to visit the school and speak to the staff to better understand if it’s the right fit for you an your family.

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Is driving in Dubai common, and how do I get a driving license?

Yes, most Expats prefer to get around by car in Dubai. If you are a UAE resident and want to drive a car in Dubai, you will need to get a UAE driving license. Certain countries can exchange their local driving license to a UAE driving license.

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What social and leisure activities are available in Dubai?

Dubai offers a wide range of social and leisure activities for all tastes. From enjoying the beaches along the coastline to indulging in shopping at various malls, dining at diverse restaurants or enjoying water sports - There’s something for everyone! There are also various art galleries, cultural events, golf courses, and vibrant nightlife options to choose from where you can socialise and meet new people.

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