How to Pack up your House before Moving Abroad

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It’s easy to understand how the exhilaration of embarking on a global adventure takes over everything. Well, that is until the packing has to begin. It’s even more overwhelming when the packing consists of someone's entire house and life!

We have partnered with the experts in packing, storage and relocation at easyStorage to grasp the trials faced by expatriates during this process. We thought it was only fair to use their experience to assist the Matutto Expats! So, we have, as such, curated a comprehensive guide to aid you in easily organising your household before embarking on your international voyage.

Just follow our simple tips and top hacks, so you can ensure an untroubled and effective packing experience, enabling you to concentrate on the grand adventure that awaits.

Pack Early and Smartly

The process of packing an entire household requires a lot of time and thoughtful planning, particularly when relocating overseas. Start your preparations early, allowing sufficient leeway to declutter and categorise your belongings into keep, sell, donate, or discard. This could be an excellent chance to “Marie Kondo” your home and live lighter.

Give Priority to Essential Items

When moving abroad, it is imperative to prioritise the belongings essential for immediate use upon arrival. Create a dedicated "Unpack First" suitcase or box that holds all the vital documents, toiletries, and a change of clothes. This proactive measure ensures effortless access to indispensable items, sparing you from sifting through numerous boxes during the initial days of settling in. And it’s especially useful if something goes wrong and your luggage gets delayed or worse, lost.

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Choose Packing Materials Wisely

The safety of your belongings during transit rests on how strong your premium packing materials are. We advise opting for robust cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and packing paper to offer adequate protection for your possessions. You want to ensure you pack everything as close and as tightly as possible so items will not knock into each other.

Employ a Clear Labelling System

An organised labelling system plays a pivotal role during the packing process. Clearly mark each box with an inventory of its contents and mark which room the items belong to. An efficient as easy to understand labelling system streamlines the unpacking process and ensures a well-ordered transition to your new home.

Safeguard Fragile Items

Delicate and valuable articles require extra attention and care during packing. First, make sure that you only bring necessary items that are also breakable. For the items that you will be bringing, use bubble wrap or packing paper to securely envelope such items and incorporate additional cushioning materials to prevent breakage. Clearly write on or use a sticker on these boxes as "Fragile" to alert both movers and yourself to handle them with utmost caution.

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Maximise Space and Efficiency

Efficient packing techniques hold the key to optimising space within your boxes. Utilise soft items like clothing or linens to fill any gaps and prevent items from shifting during transit. Refrain from overloading boxes with hefty items, as this could lead to potential damage or strain during the move. For larger items or excess belongings, contemplate utilising easyStorage's convenient storage solutions to liberate space in your dwelling.

Embrace Seasonal Storage Solutions

For temporary international moves, easyStorage extends reliable seasonal storage solutions. Your belongings will remain secure and well looked after whilst you travel to new horizons, so you can concentrate on the big things ahead of you.

Packing up your home before relocating abroad is undoubtedly a substantial undertaking, but with a well-considered approach, it becomes an attainable and even gratifying endeavour. By initiating the process early, implementing a systematic approach, and investing in quality packing materials, you can ensure a smooth and secure relocation experience. EasyStorage takes pride in their expertise in both moving and storage. Their comprehensive array of services, including professional packing, efficient labelling, and secure storage options, will undoubtedly alleviate your international transition.

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Embrace the anticipation of your forthcoming journey, secure in the knowledge that Matutto and easyStorage stands ready to support you every step of the way. Wishing you a successful packing journey and a thrilling adventure ahead!

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