How to get a Clave account in Spain

All you need to know about Cl@ve, and how to get an account. Speak to our Advisors if you need help 👇

What is Cl@ve?

If you’re an Expat in Spain, you may have been asked for your Cl@ve PIN. But, what is that?

Cl@ve is an electronic system for citizens in Spain that provides access to a number of public services. It’s ran by the “Agencia Tributaria” (The Tax Agency) in Spain, so it’s essential to submit requests or changes to anything related to your Tax contributions.

The Cl@ve PIN is the Username and Password you will be issued to access this portal.

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What do I need Clave for?

Cl@ve can be used to access a variety of public services offered by Spanish government agencies, including tax filing, social security benefits, healthcare services, employment services, and more.

It’s very common for Expats in Spain to use their Cl@ve PIN to apply for a Tax reduction scheme known as Beckham’s Law.

How do I get a Clave Account?

Before you can request for a Cl@ve Account, you’ll need to have a NIE or TIE. If you don’t have one yet, read here how to get a NIE Number.

Once you have your NIE, you can register for Cl@ve online here. You will be given 3 options to create your account:
1) Via letter - The Government will send you a letter to your registered address with an activation code. This option will only work if your address is registered with them correctly.
2) Via video call - You can opt to have a video call to activate your account via the Cl@ve App on your phone if there are slots available at the time.
3) With an in-person appointment. You can book an appointment here to open an account. You will have to choose an office and attend the appointment with your NIE.

If you need help getting your Cl@ve Account, you can book a Free Consultation with us to see how we can help.

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