Relocating employees across the world has never been easier with the new partnership between Matutto and Oyster

1 Jun, 2023

Matutto has announced today a partnership with Oyster®, to work together towards the goal of transforming the future of work by empowering global teams.

The partnership gives companies around the world access to an exclusive discount, when using both platforms to manage, hire and relocate global teams.

Relocating employees in-between countries or helping them move to a new geography is all apart of managing your globally distributed team. While Oyster's global employment platform enables you to hire, pay and care for your global team, Matutto specializes in the relocation process, helping international employees find their feet in their new location, fast and smoothly. From finding your new home, to opening a personal bank account and so much more, Matutto is here to help from start to finish!

This partnership allows employers to have access to a comprehensive package of support for their international team, at a discounted rate. By availing the offer, Businesses can claim a 15% discounted rate on employee relocation, and 20% on international hiring.*

The CEO of Matutto, Nas said “This partnership will offer remote and international businesses a more comprehensive and affordable model to support their greatest assets - their teams”. He went on to add that “It’s a privilege to join forces with Oyster in their efforts to create a more equal world by making it possible for companies everywhere to hire people anywhere”.

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